Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pope Continues Apology World Tour

Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI is right where he left off when he was in the United States earlier in the year, this time he is in Australia.

Apparenly the priests "Down Under" have the same problems as the priests in "The Land of the Free." What is this? Sexual abuse by priests.

He apologized for the "shame that we have all felt as result of the sexual abuse of minors by some clergy" in Australia.

Australia, the United States and Canada have all felt these problems but haven't been acknowledged by the pope until he arrived on each continent. Instead in the past, the priest or bishop was moved from diocese to diocese and the Catholic church had to pay the victims a large sum of money. It is good that the pope is trying to mend the wounds left by unlawful priests and bishops.

The only thing I hope is that in the future the pope wouldn't have to apologize for problems that should have been dealt with instead of transferred.

This pope has been a good pope for the most part. He is willing to talk when others are afraid to talk, but he has said some things that have gotten him into trouble and we all remember them. But he is what the Catholic church needs at this moment. Not a softy.